Hole 16

Par 4, 371 yards

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Pro’s Tip

This hole has been much revised over the years. Originally played as a slight left to right dog-leg adjacent to the boundary fence, but a preponderance of broken windows and irate neighbours has forced a re-design of the hole. The hole has changed dramatically playing as a right to left dog-leg passing through a deep depression with the boundary fence protected by a large plantation on the left stretching all the way to the green. It now provides one of the few opportunities when a well positioned drive down the left edge of the fairway, will leave the player with two distinct advantages, one in length and the other with a view of the pin for his second shot. The green is large and falls slightly from front to back, a bunker on each side at the front and the out of boundary fence close behind means the length of the second shot must be judged with care.

A good drive down the left side of the fairway gives you a good view of the green for your approach shot.

16 map