Hole 18

Par 3, 176 yards

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Pro’s Tip

This has to be one of the great finishing holes in golf. The green sits imperiously above the lake on a “hog’s back” with the prevailing wind of the water.

More tend to go in the water taking the pin on as apposed trees on the left, left side of the green is the sensible play.

Stand on this tee with a good card in your pocket and strike the ball solidly to the centre of the green and your sense of achievement is complete; fiddle nervously and try to protect your score and you will almost certainly live to regret it.

Most courses have a card wrecker somewhere along the way, but when it is the eighteenth and as picturesque as this one, there’s something special about it.

A great finishing hole but make sure you keep away from the bunkers on the right.

18 map