Hole 2

Par 4, 438 yards

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Pro’s Tip

If the 1st proves difficult then, the 2nd will seem much harder. Although less than 450 yards long, the gentle but constant climb and the fairway always falling away from the green combine to make it a superb hole and certainly the most difficult on the course. The green is often out of range in two for the handicap golfer, since it is usually played into the prevailing wind, and a long iron or wood second must be struck accurately to find the putting surface which sits at an angle to the direct line of approach and perilously close to the out of bounds fence. Even when the green is reached, putting can be hazardous, since a steep slope from the back to the front makes the prospect of getting down in two anything but certain. The player who walks away from here with a four should be well satisfied.

Aim for the left side of the fairway off the tee to increase your chances of scoring well on this hole as the fairway slopes from right to left.

Club up with your approach shot is this hole plays longer than the yardage.

2 map