Hole 3

Par 4, 449 yards

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Pro’s Tip

The 3rd hole although fractionally longer than the 2nd often plays shorter, except when the wind is in the east. The hole is played from a tee that is not in line with the direction of play, but providing that doesn’t confuse the player, he can enjoy a real roller-coaster of a hole. A straight drive down the left side opens up the green and avoids the deep hollow on the right. A medium iron should find the green, but anything off line usually means the hoped-for par has escaped. A shallow incline from front to back of the green often carries the ball further than the player expects, and the resulting confusion makes the return putt more difficult than it should.

The driving line is the marker post in the distance, your approach shot for safety is to the front of the green and the ball will bound on, as there is danger either side & back of the green.

3 map