Hole 4

Par 5, 521 yards

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Pro’s Tip

The 4th is the first of two par five’s. Rarely is this green found in two shots, since the terrain prevents even the best of drives gaining sufficient distance from the tee. This is a generous hole, with few problems encountered from the tee, provided the ball is played to the right. Anything left is in danger of being consumed by deep rough or the dried up lake bed. The second shot is played over the crest of a hill, to a wide fairway, which, if found, leaves a straightforward pitch to the green. Three bunkers guard the front approach and its undulation can make for testing pin positions.

A three shot par 5. The driver is not always required, line your second shot up the right-hand side this will help your approach shot.

Leave your approach below the hole as the green slopes from back to front.

A three-shot par five where a driver is not always required, lining your second shot up the right-hand side will help your approach.’ Reward?

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