Hole 7

Par 4, 380 yards

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Pro’s Tip

This is a magnificent hole, formerly played as a par five from about 100 yards further back and across a deep ravine. It was altered after it was concluded that the long walk back from the 6th green did nothing to improve the speed of play and was really unnecessary since the difficulty of the hole still remained when played as a par four, even though much shorter at 380 yards. The second shot across the ravine can prove both daunting and demanding, often approaching two hundred yards and played to an elevated green across a “hog’s back” fairway. Anything straying off line and short of the green is usually thrown into the profusion of tree on either side of the fairway and a single bunker at the front of the green catches many loose shots.

A 200-yard tee shot puts you in a good position on this hole, but beware of the ravine.

The second shot plays a lot longer than the yardage.

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